Japanese beauty – Japanese calligraphy

making calligraphy art painting

calligraphy art painting

We have learned calligraphy since we were small kids. This is not unusual, as all kids learn calligraphy at elementary school. Calligraphy is a part of our culture. Calligraphy comes from China, same as Chinese characters “Kanji(漢字). Now we have not just “Kanji(漢字)”, but “Katakana(カタカナ)” and “Hiragana(平仮名)”. And learning calligraphy is to learn Japanese words and meaning. Our history is a little bit different and a little more. Our grandfather who lived next door, was a master of Calligrapher and both our grandfather and grandmother were calligraphy teachers. They used to have calligraphy class at home and so many kids came to learn calligraphy on weekends. We, of course, used to go to the next door every weekend, and learned calligraphy from our grandparents. When we grew up, we stopped writing calligraphy and almost forgot about calligraphy for long time. And this calligraphy came back into my life all of sudden 2 years ago. We received many calligraphy tools from our grandparents. They are almost 100 years old, and cannot do calligraphy anymore, and decided to give up all the tools they used for long long time. Very valuable calligraphy brushes, special paperweight, inkstones, came to our house. When I smelled the calligraphy ink, I had nostalgic feeling and remembered 40 years ago. I started enjoying calligraphy again. Calligraphy became a part of my life again. This is the great way to express Japanese culture. That was the beginning of our calligraphy art. And I start realizing Japanese beauty from calligraphy.
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