Amaranthus Meals


Amaranthus and Beef Stew

Amaranthus is rich in nutrition like quinoa, it is called as “future food” by WHO (World Health Organization).

We can get Japanese Amaranthus made in Tohoku area, such as Iwate Prefecture.   But it originates in Peru, South America and has 5000 years history.

Aramanthus is gluten-free and low allergy food.

It contains well balanced essential amino acids.  Rich in protein, which is two times more than white rice, and is three times more digestible than white rice.

Fat and plant sterol which amaranthus contains help reducing LDL cholesterol and neutral fat.

Amaranthus is also rich in calcium, Magnesium, phosphorous, and iron.   Particularly, iron is 2 times more than quinoa, 10 times more than white rice, and 4.5 times more than spinach.

Calcium and Mgnesium help reduce stress and stabilize mental health.

Also rich in zinc and folic acid, but amaranthus does not contain female hormon like phytoestrogen, so it is good for pregnant women.  (from Slow Beauty)

Why don’t you learn how to cook healthy amaranthus which is a versatile rice?

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