Artistic Unique Sushi

temari sushi photo~Temari Sushi~
Artistic Unique Sushi,   such as Temari Sushi,  Box Sushi or Pressed Sushi, has very impressive appearance.
It represents Japanese beauty and is suitable for  parties.
Easy to make for everyone.

box sushi photopressed sushi photo


←~Box Sushi~ (used the traditional box called “masu” for Japanese Sake).
→~Pressed Sushi~

*Join us and take this class!  Don’t hesitate even though you have no experience with cooking.

Lesson Contents

  • class length :  3 hours
  • whole recipe from ingredients to cooking proceadure
  • demo making session/actual making sessaion/tasting session

To apply for this lesson,  please click  here.temari sushi big plate