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World heritage Mt. Fuji

World heritage Mt. Fuji picture in Suibokuga

World heritage -Mt. Fuji Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, the altitude of 3,776m. It is well known not just in Japan but in the world as the world heritage site. The reason Mt. Fuji was selected as

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3D painting Japanese world art in jewelry

How to make 3D Japanese painting jewelry

I always love to express Japanese beauty and symbols in art, such as paintings and jewelry. Making Japanese scenery in 3D paintings in accessories is one of my favorite ways of expressing them. Using resin allows me to make 3D

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Japanese traditional Emakimono 絵巻物 scrolls and landscape scenery scroll

Making Emakimono style Japanese scenery painting art scroll

Japanese EMAKIMONO style hanging scroll First of all, what is EMAKIMONO?? Emakimono – “E” means “pictures”, “makimono” means “scroll” in Japanese. Emakimono is a Japanese traditional horizontal scroll which tells stories with pictures. From right side, we unroll the scroll

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Lucie from “Try living with Lucie” came to our Extravaganza sushi making course!

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Our video for summer special Temari sushi course!


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Our video of Healthy rice sushi of Tuna and Salmon making course!

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We made a video of how to make nigiri sushi

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Cut tuna into sashimi video

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Maki Roll making Video

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Sashimi making video

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