Creative Sashimi

creative sashimi with gold fish in a big plateSashimi expresses Japanese cuisine sensitivity and a Japanese sense of beauty.

This Creative Sashimi lesson provides you the skill of cutting fish fillets to create sashimi and the skill of presenting sashimi dishes.

The fresheness of fish is of course important for delicious sashimi but the way of cutting sashimi is also as important as the freshenss,  because you can feel the taste when your tongue touches the smoothesness of fresh fish as you put a slice of sashimi into your mouth.

So the way you cut sashimi is the main key point of deliciousness.

Why don’t you try learning the skill of how to make professional sashimi?

The presentation of sashimi on the plate is also what we Japanese call “Japanese art”.

We consider a plate as a Japanese garden and put sashimi to create a traditional Japanese landscape garden.

But you can also learn how to create modern sashimi art.

Let’s use your imagenation and create your original sashimi art!

Lesson Contents

  • class length :  3hours
  • whole recipe from ingredients to cooking proceadure
  • demo making sesson/ actual making session/ tasting session.

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creative sashimi 2 kinds in the boxcreative sashimi asortment with sideway plate