Quinoa Meals

quinoa with tofu meal

Quinoa and Tofu Champuru

Quinoa is well known as the super food that NASA also has interest in.

Quinoa originates in Andes between Colombia, South America and Argentina.

People have been growing quinoa since thousands of years ago.  Andes people call quinoa “mother of grain”,  although the category is not grain, but is the  same as spinach.

Quinoa is gluten-free and allergy-free food.  It contains protein more than twice than white rice, also contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acid such as oleic acid which is very good fat for health.    The quality of its protein is very good and contains well balanced essential amino acids.

Prticularly rich in lysine, which is one of esssential amino acids, and very important for immune system.

Quinoa also contains a lot of vitamin B roup, vitamin D, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, and iron.

It is good to prevent anemia as it is rich in folic acid, zinc, and iron.

It can improve blood circulation as it contains vitamin E and saponin.

It also contains the plant hormon which works like female hormon,  that helps women to keep health and beauty.  (from “Slow Beauty”)

Quinoa is a versatile rice that looks a bit like couscous and is not just healthy but also tasty.

Why don’t you learn how to cook quinoa?

It is also good for losing weight!

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