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Japan Cross Bridge, created by twin sisters who worked as Itamae (Japanese cuisine chefs), to provide cooking lessons of Japanese cuisine, mainly sushi, and Japanese culture to people from all around the world.

Are you a visitor or a toursit?  Would you like to see the local Japanese people’s life style?

Or are you living in Japan and want to learn Japanese cooking or Japanese culture?

Would you like to make new friends through learning and eating delicious Japanese foods?

If so, please come to our lesson!

Our lessons are provided at our local home (one of twin’s houses) centered in Tokyo.  So you can enjoy local atmosphere as well as cooking and cultural experience!

Each lesson has different themes,  with small classes (1-8 people), so it is a very relaxing and cozy atmosphere.

Whole session is about 2-3 hours including cooking and eating time (for cooking courses), making art and snack time (for culture activity courses).

Lessons are provided both in English and Japanese.  (Some lessons are only in Japanese. Some are only in English.)

Lesson themes for cooking have wide ranges from artistic modern sushi to traditional sushi, other famous Japanese foods, and healthy Japanese home cooking.

Lesson themes for culture activities also have unique themes, such as traditional Japanese calligraphy, traditional origami, tea ceremony, etc.

It is a good chance to experience Japanese culture and delicious foods!

Come and join our fun lessons and create precious memories!


Staff Introduction:

ayumi shihomi itamae photoTwin sisters.  Both worked together at a Japanese restaurant in Geneva, Switzerland as sushi chefs for 3 years.  After coming back to Japan, worked together at a Japanese resturant in Toranomon, Tokyo, as Itamae (Japanese cuisine chefs) for 7 years.

More than 10 years experience as Japanese sushi chefs and Itamae.

Both of us are Japanese chef licensed.

Both of us have more than 10 years experience of Japanese calligraphy.

Our grandparents are Shodo Shihan (Master Calligrapher) and instructors.

Both of us are Japanese origami artists and accessories designers.

writing calligraphykanzashi
kanzashiwakeiseijakuorigami accessories
origami accessories

calligraphy we made

origami accessories
twin sisters photo 2

Ayumi Aalto

ayumimaking sushi rice scene

  • achieved professional Edomae sushi course certificate
  • achived Japanese Chef License
  • extensive cross cultural experiences including visiting England, France, many other European countries, lived in Australia for 1 year, lived and made sushi in Switerland for 3 years.
  • achieved advanced English level in Sydney University,  Australia
  • achieved intermediate French level in Geneve University,  Switzerland
  • married to a Finnish man
  • mother of a baby girl

From Ayumi  “Please come and join us!  We are excited to see you at our place!  Let’s enjoy cooking, art making and delicious foods together!!  We are looking forward to seeing you!”

ayumi chef certificate
ayumi sushi school certificate

Shihomi Hommashihomi

  • achieved professional Edomae sushi course certificate
  • achived Chief Instructor in Kazarimaki sushi certified by Japan Sushi Instructore Association(JSIA)
  • achived Japanese Chef License
  • extensive cross cultural experiences including visiting Canada, England, the United States, Australia, and lived and made sushi in Switzerland for 3 years.
  • experienced International Preschool Management and assistant teachermaking sushi scene
  • TOEIC score 905
  • IELTS band score 7
  • married to a Canadian man

From Shihomi,  “We like to meet people, have fun time together!  We’d like to see your happy smiling face!  Don’t be shy, please come and join us!  We’ll make sure that you have a great time.  Let’s make a wonderful unforgettable day together!!”

Shihomi chef license
Shihomi certificate
Shihomi certificate


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