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    Choose Lesson ThemeTemari sushi course(course TS) - ¥7,000+VATTemari sushi Vegan course(course TSV) - ¥8,000+VATHealthy Brown rice sushi of Tuna and Salmon making course(course H) - ¥7,000+VATJapanese Tea Tasting & learning and Tea Ceremony experience course(course T) - ¥5,000+VATLeaning sushi with your eyes and mouth course(course L) - ¥10,000 +VATExtravaganza Sushi making course(course E) - ¥10,000+VATVegetarian Vegan Extravaganza Sushi making course(course VE) - ¥10,000 +VATVegetarian Vegan Artistc Sushi making course(course VA) - ¥10,000 + VATJapanese cooked food, Gyudon & Miso soup course(course GM) - ¥7,000 +VATJapanese cooked food, Healthy brown rice Onigiri set menu course (course O) - ¥5,000 +VATShodo (Japanese traditional calligraphy) and Tea Ceremony experience course(course SHO) - ¥7,000 +VATOrigami(Japanese traditional paper craft) and Tea Ceremony course(course OR) -¥6,000 +VATJapanese Tea Tasting & learning and Tea Ceremony experience course (course T) - ¥5,000 +VATOther courses

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