Miniature Orizuru art

tiny miniature orizuru

Tiny miniature Orizuru

Orizuru is a crane bird made with Origami.

Origami is Japanese traditional paper art and kids activities.

It is said to be brought to Japan by Buddhist monks around the sixth century, however there is no evidence about this and the origin of Origami is unknown.

The oldest mention of Origami is the poem written by Ihara Saikaku in 1680.

Now “ORIGAMI” is well known in the world.

Orizuru – crane bird made with Origami paper-,  is one of the famous Origami art.

In Japan, we use Orizuru in many occasions, such as prayer for health or peace, as crane birds are symbols of a long healthy life and a good fortune.

By making miniature Orizuru and putting it in jewelry, the jewelry becomes good luck charm.

miniature Origami

miniature Orizuru

Miniature Orizuru jewelry making

Miniature Orizuru jewelry

Miniature Orizuru jewelry



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