Decoration Sushi

decoration sushi after cut photoDecoration Sushi is a very gorgeous modern sushi, looks like a real cake.

It is perfect for party situationand has a strong impact and very delicious!

If you are looking for the unique interesting party meals,  you should try this recipe!

If you can use Kitchen knife, you are all set.

We offer you the secret tips of this recipe so that you won’t fail.

heart decoration sushi photoWe also offer you the tips of Japanese Knife skill called “Kazari-kiri” meaning “decoration cutting”, which is the way to cut vegetables in a specific way and make elegant decoration to add to Japanese food.

We can prepare the recipe using cooked ingredients not just raw ingredients.

In this lesson, you can master how to make decoration sushi

so let’s add this recipe to your own one.


Lesson Contents

  • class length :  3 hours
  • whole recipe from ingredients to cooking proceadure
  • demo making session/actual making sessation/tasting session

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