katsudonKatsu don is very popular fast food that most Japanese people like.

If you like tonkatsu, which is breaded pork cutlet, then you should try this katsudon.

Katsudon is the bowl of rice with tonkatsu cooked with onion and egg.

Even though tonkatsu takes a little time to cook because you have to deep fry pork, katsudon is considered as fast food.

Why don’t you try making katsudon by yourself?


miso soupgreen teaWe make some other small Japanese foods go well with Katsudon in the lesson.




Lesson contents

  • class length:  2.5 hours
  • whole recipe from ingredients to cooking procedure
  • demo making session/ actual making session/ tasting session
  • lesson provided in English
  • rental samue(Japanese traditional uniform)
  • lesson certificate with picture


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